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What Is Occupational Therapy?


  • Occupational Therapists specialize in supporting people to perform their daily, meaningful activities or "occupations" 
  • Occupational Therapists support children with physical, developmental, sensory, attentional and/or learning challenges to promote their health and well-being through meaningful activities
  • Children's "occupations" include socializing, playing, learning, and developing independent self-help skills (toileting, hygiene, feeding, washing, sleeping)

Available Services


  • Assessment and reports
  • Home based intervention and consultation services
  • Preschool, daycare, and community based services
  • Collaborative team based services with Speech Language Pathologist, Behaviour Consultant and Interventionist, as seen fit by your family
  • Educational presentations to community groups on requested topics
* Referral or diagnosis is not required to access services

Common Family Goals


  • Developing your child's participation and independence within self-help routines (toileting, dressing, hygiene, feeding, sleep, chores)


  • Developing your child's fine motor skills (little finger movements) and gross motor skills (big movements) to participate in daily routines and interactions at home, school, and in the community


  • Improving your child's ability to emotionally cope with everyday stressors and sensory processing differences to stay calm and happy 


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